1 Dominic__ to Canada last year. goes went is going
2 At the moment I ___ with my family. didn’t live don’t living ‘m not living
3 ___ you____French every day? Did/spoke Do/speak Are/speaking
4 Why___they__ at 5 a.m. tomorrow morning? are/leaving do/leave have/left
5 ___ you hear the news yesterday? Did Were -
6 ‘Do you have a pet?’ ‘­­­­____'. Yes,have Yes,I have Yes,I do
7 We___ a motorbike or a car. don’t have got don’t got haven’t got
8 Please be quiet! I  ___ on the phone. speak ‘m speaking spoke
9 What time __ you __ yesterday morning? did/wake up did/waked up did/woke up
10 I saw the accident as I __ home. am driving was driving have driven
11 You don’t need ___ rice - just 250 grams. many some much
12 There aren’t___eggs in the cupboard. some much any
13 I’d like __milk in my coffee, please. a litle a few much
14 There are tennis courts in __ park. - the a
15 We want___Mount Everest. climbing to climb climb
16 Are you thinking ___ married? of getting getting to get
17 ‘Would you like to come to my party? '___'. Yes,I do Yes,would Yes,I would
18 ‘What’s your father like?’ ‘____’. He’s tall Playing football He’s very well
19 My desk is the ___ from the door. far further furthest
20 Copenhagen isn’t ___London. as big than as big as big as
21 ___ you ever __a poem? Have/write Have/wrote Have/written
22 Ritchie has lived here ___2005. for from since
23 Please make ____. your homework a shower a cup of coffee
24 You’ve made a mess in the kitchen – it’s very __tidy. im- un- in-
25 ‘I’m fed up with this film’. ’Yes, I’m ____ too’. interested awful bored
26 Do you__work on Sundays? have to must should
27 I don’t think you __ stay out late. must should shouldn’t
28 You __ bring anything special to the party. don’t have to must should
29 Naomi will get in touch ___she hears any news. as soon as while until
30 Please look after the children __ I get home from work. until if while
31 If I ___some money, I’ll go on holiday next year. ‘ll save saved save
32 ‘Will your parents buy you a car if you finish university?'  ‘____’. No,won’t No, they don’t No, they won’t
33 Before I go out tonight, I ___finish this work. ‘m going to going to am
34 Do you want to go___? dancing to dance dance
35 Is coffee ___in Kenya? grew grown grow
36 Since 2001, all Skoda cars ___ by Volkswagen. were produced are produced have been produced
37 'Is a lot of paper wasted in your office?’ ‘___’. Yes,it was Yes it is Yes, it has
38 If I ___ a famous person, I wouldn't know what to say. meet didn’t meet met
39 They ____ more money if they saved a little every mounth. would have will have would had
40 If you ___ me, what would you do? are like were
41 Emma is very busy so she __ come to the party. She hasn’t decided yet. mustn’t shouldn’t might not
42 Ed is tired because he ___ all night. hasn’t worked has been working Is working
43 You’ve got a lot of bags. __ you___? Do/go shopping? Have/been shopping? Have/shopped?
44 Dan was taken to hospital because he___ his leg. breaks has broken had broken
45 ‘Had they met Kathy before the party?’ ‘Yes,___’. she had they had they did
Could you ____ me a favour and look after the children after school, please?
make get do
47 Naples is ___ an exciting city. so such very
48 Lily gave __ her job and travelled round the world. over away up
49 John doesn’t ___ much money as a waiter. win take earn
50 Can you___a photo of us, please? make take do

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