1 Where___Penelope Cruz come from? is does do
2 Which countries____signed the Kyoto agreement? isn't haven't didn't
3 When____the first man land on the moon? was had did
4 I___the latest James Bond film is great. am thinking didn't thought think
5 I can't answer my mobile phone now,I____. am driving can drive drive
6 ____many foreign cars___in Britain? Are/selling Be/sell Are/sold
7 My boss was annoyed because I____work on time. hadn't do hadn't done haven't done
8 Had you met Peter before I____you? introduced was introducing had introduced
9 Mrs Parker's credit card____in the street. found was found was being found
10 I__ on the phone when the post___. was talking/arrived talked/was arriving am talking/had arrived
11 'Did you take the children to the park?' Yes,I do Yes,I am Yes, I did
12 Our son___do his homework before he___watch television. has to/can is allowed to/has to should/must
13 You___take your passport and tickets with you.You___check-in without them. have to/won't be allowed to can/can't ought to/mustn't
14 That suitcase looks very heavy - I___you carry it. am going to help ll help m helping
15 ___the Eiffel Tower when you're in Paris next week? Are you going up Do you go up Are you going to go up
16 I don't know what we're going to do this weekend.We___ a film. are seeing might see ll see
17 Where___ they___on Saturday night? are/doing do/go are/going
18 My grandfather enjoyed____in an international company. worked working to work
19 Jane stopped____to Danny when she saw him in the supermarket. to talk talking her to talk
20 Thank you___so kind and helpful. to be being for being
21 'What ___Martin___?' 'He's slim and he's got short grey hair.' does/like doing is/look like does/look like
22 Let's get___for lunch next Sunday! down off together
23 Do you want to_____swimming or _____ tennis this afternoon? do/go go/play play/do
24 Ben couldn't eat the sandwich because it was____. disgusting tasteless disgusted
25 Tomorrow's temperature will be 15 C and the weather will be ___with strong winds and heavy rain. icy stormy sunny
26 I____ the Star Wars films. have never seen have ever seen have never saw
27 They____for Google____2004. worked/for ve worked/since re working/since
28 ___Neil ___that he didn't get the job? Did/tell Have/told Has/been told
29 If you___that expensive car,you___ enough money to go on holiday. buy/won't have bought/don't have don't buy/won't have
30 What___ if you___a mobile phone? will you do/haven't would you did/had would you do/didn't have
31 Alison has worked for a month without a day off - she____be exhausted. might must cant
32 I know he speaks French,German and Italian so he____be Swiss. can't could should
33 Hundreds of trees were blown over in the night so the wind_____have been very strong. can't could must
34 'I'm not very sociable'. '_____'. I don't So am I Neither am I
35 'Sorry I'm late.___for a long time?' Have you waited Are you waiting Have you been waiting
36 Leo's French isn't very good.He____it for very long. has been learning hasn't been learning hasn't learned
37 Ellen____that she needs to do more exercise. has been realizing is realized has realized
38 Henry worked for the bank____2001 and 2006. between while until
39 Could you tell me where____? the library is is the library if the library
40 Do you know_____this  train goes to Cardiff? does if how
41 It's a lovely day._____? is it does it isn't it
42 John____your school, wasn't he? was at went to wasn't at
43 The interviewer asked_____drive. can I if I could if I was
44 The dentist ____to make another appointment. told said me told me
45 The police officer____the robber to put down his gun and put his hands above his head. ordered advised reminded
46 You'll need to ____an answer to this problem. get on with run it on come up with
47 I want to watch the television news.Could you_____, please? look it up turn it on look for it
48 You must try that restaurant.The food is_____. very delicious absolutely delicious absolutly tasty
49 We all hated the film - it was really____. hilarious superb awful
50 The kids___over the garden wall to get their football back. climbed hugged chewed

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