1 Mr Chan___from Shanghai today and he'll be arriving at 6 p.m. comes is coming had come
2 Andrew ____ to Wales this morning.He'll arrive in time for lunch. 's driving drove has driven
3 I don't like it here - it's ____boring. seems kind of because
4 Tanya only started this job on Monday so she ____here for long. hasn't been working don't work didn't work
5 ____ you ____ my passport?I left it on the table. Have/been moving Have/moved Are/moving
6 Martin_____dinner when I_____. is cooking/arrived cooked/am arriving was cooking/arrived
7 The TV news used photographs that one of the witnesses____with her phone. had been taken had taken was taking
8 What ____you____at the weekend?I tried to ring you several times. were/doing had/been doing have/done
9 The nowel appeared in Europe in 2006, but it _____a year earlier in the USA. has published had been published was publishing
10 ____ of these books is the best? What Which Who
11 ___you can afford a new car?I thought you didn't have any money. How come Actually I mean
12 Could you lend me some money?' 'What ____? from for to
13 Of course you're cold!____ I tell you to bring your coat? Don't Haven't Didn't
14 The last bus into town _____ at 11.00 p.m. will leave leaves is leaving
15 You look terrible! ____ you____sick? Will/be Are/going to be Are/being
16 Frank_____tomorrow because he___his girlfriend to the airport. isn't going to work/I'll drive doesn't work/drives isn't working/'s driving
17 Suzy likes working at night because there isn't_____ noise where she lives. much a few enough
18 I'll manage with___help from you. not many a bit of several
19 Has he got_____enthusiasm for the job? enough many not much
20 Jane didn't make____the first time she met her boyfriend's parents. a good impression her best them a favour
21 Most conspiracy theories are completely ____believable. dis- im- un-
22  'I think Jim is a bit___'. I agree.He's not the brightest person I know'. silly thick funny
23 Please don't____offence.I was only joking. take make put
24 Sam and Celia____ too much pressure on their children. do take put
25 I can't come to the party because I've got ____work to finish. so many millions of masses of
26 You___worry so much, you'll make yourself ill. must shouldn't can't
27 Joe___think of a good excuse for being late. shouldn't mustn't couldn't
28 Stella's___be promoted because she works hard. allowed to bound to manage to
29 My mother___is in Argentina this week. ,who travels a lot, who travels a lot who travels a lot,
30 They're going to stay with their cousins___live on a boat. - where who
31 Where are the flowers___I sent you? where whose -
32 Leo and Rose left the cinema because the film was___. bored boredom boring
33 My grandmother___living alone so she finds the house very quiet. didn't use to used to isn't used to
34 My boss really annoys me brcause she____me to work at the weekends. is always asking would ask asked
35 Maria's got a terrible voice but she___at any opportunity. is singing would sing has sung
36 Do you remember when Mum and Dad____take us camping and it___always rain? -/used to are used to/will used to/would
37 Al was only in Australia for a week so he _____ seen a lot. shouldn't have cuoldn't have might have
38 Although it was kind, they___bought us a housewarming present. couldn't have mightn't have needn't have
39 If only I ___school when I was fifteen,I___a lot more money. hadn't left/'d earn don't leave/won't earn left/'d earn
40 If I ____a lot of money,I'd retire. win won had won
41 Sometimes they both wish they___married so young. didn't get don't get hadn't got
42 Don't you wish we____ten years ago? met had met meet
43 You can't buy____happiness. - a the
44 Could you get___drinks when you go to the shops,please? - a the
45 It was___great film that we saw it twice. what a her only such a
46 Tony's daughter has his red hair but___of his sons look like him. both each neither
47 Sorry, but I don't know what you are getting____. on at over
48 Come in from the rain - you're___ soaking. quite very absolutely
49 John spends all his time complaining.I wish he'd just___. find a life get a life change the life
50 Lucy___well with her brother,even though he's much younger than her. gets over gets up gets on

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