1 We went to the new Spanish restaurant last week, but we wish we____.The food was terrible. didn't weren't hadn't
2 Have you cleaned the kitchen?'No, but I____." m going to didn't remember will to
3 Frank doesn't know how to drive.He never____. knew to did to learnt to
4 You look very well - ____on holiday? have you gone were you going have you been
5 Nick won't be in the office tomorrow because he____a customer in London. meets will meet is meeting
6 It wasn't until I tried to buy a ticket that I realised I ___ my money at home. was leaving had left left
7 Sally and Richard____in a rented flat when their first baby was born. were living lived had lived
8 We were surprised to discover that a puppy____outside our front door. was being left has been left had been left
9 The children will be____happy if we take them to the beach. severely perfectly highly
10 Why do you always start things too____? late lateness lately
11 You look fantastic in that dress!It's____you. too just only
12 I know you haven't met your fiance's family yet, but___you will before the wedding. all in all no doubt quite honestly
13 Gloria Estefan has recorded some great songs'.'Yes she has,____?' hadn't she didn't she hasn't she
14 So, this is your new car,___? is it it is isn't it
15 What I really love____. is dancing to dance dancing
16 I'll never forget____him for the first time. to see him seeing saw
17 ___to be living in a hotel. She is said It appears that They say she
18 ___will complete the work within six months. It is hoped that they It seems that they It is hoped to
19 The decision_____ a mistake. appears appears to be appears that
20 She's always____ - I've never know her to be rude or unpleasant to anyone. patronizing overbearing courteous
21 The company's overheads____when they employed an extra fifty people. fell slightly rose substantially went down dramatically
22 It was impossible for me to know if the painting was a fake Picasso or___. familiar deliberate genuine
23 If you can't find somewhere to stay, we'll____you ___for the night. put/out put/up put/down
24 Phil looks really tired.What did he____last night? get on with get down to get up to
25 After three years at home with the children,Hollywood's favourite actor is making a ___. comeback drawback backlash
26 Although it was 3 a.m.,Henry____persuade his girlfriend to leave the party because she was having so much fun. wouldn't couldn't needn't
27 Gerry____be exhausted because he's been entertaining six children all day. must may could
28 It's been a warm, sunny day so I___ brought my coat. should have couldn't have needn't have
29 If only I____ a better job. can get have got could get
30 They____if I ____them. will meet/have introduced wouldn't have met/hadn't introduced would meet/had introduced
31 I_____I hadn't been so rude. if only wished am wishing
32 When I was a child I____dream of becoming an astronaut. will would -
33 I've never agreed____anything she says! that by with
34 They are thinking of___Spain. move to about moving to moving to
35 Gina___to meet you. is keen is looking forward doesn't feel like
36 Paul promised___me move some heavy furniture. help to help helping
37 She__believes they will win the elections. sicerely perfectly entirely
38 Do you ___like raw fish? thoroughly strongly really
39 It is____crucial that you do exactly what I say. absolutly very rather
40 He met a Chinese woman___English was perfect. who whose which
41 After a four-day journey,____they arrived in Ulan Bator. which was very uncomfortable which was very uncomfortable, which,was very uncomfortable
42 Here's your passport____in immigration. which you left it that you left you left it
43 This is the fluent English speaker_____. I told you about which told you about who I told you about her
44 The shoes_____by most of the class were unsuitable for hill walking. wear wearing worn
45 ____a table for a Valentine's Day dinner is a good idea. Book Booking Booked
46 I queued all day ___get the best seats for the concert. so as in order to to not
47 I had some____rows with my parents when I was a teenager. sparking glowing blazing
48 The climbers all felt enormous satisfaction as they stood on the ____mountain top. snowdrift snowstorm smowcapped
49 Rebecca and Chris are____because they've just had another baby. under the storm over the moon in the sky
50 The report wasn't fair.It was___in favour of building the new road. essential biased vital

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