1 Hi! I’m Joe and I ____ from New York. are be am
2 My name ___ Helena. am is -
3 Isabelle and Ian ___ from Australia. be are is
4  ' ___ he British? ‘No, he___’. Is/isn’t Be/aren’t Are/is
5 We ­­___ married. aren’t Isn’t be
6 ___ French, English, and Italian. Maria sister is speak Marias sister speak Maria’s sister speaks
7 Where___ Ben___? does/live does/lives do/lives
8 ‘Does Claire love her job?’‘Yes,_____’. she loves she do she does
9 I _____ on Saturday or Sunday. doesn’t work not work don’t work
10 ‘Where___you__?’‘In a bank.’ are/work do/work does/work
11 We ___ TV after dinner. watch do watch watches
12 ___ plants in the kitchen. There is some There are some Are there any
13 ‘___ there a mirror in the living room?’‘No, there___.' Are/aren’t Is/isn’t Aren’t/is
14 There ___ pictures in the house. Isn’t any not any aren’t any
15 Please put __ plates__the cupboard. this/on those/in that/by
16 She __ swim quite well, but she___run. cans/can’t can’t/can can/can’t
17 ___ Dan ___ the piano? Can/plays Can/play Cans/play
18 Where ___ your mother born? were is was
19 I ___ school in 1996. don’t start didn’t started didn’t start
20 He___ to USA in 2006. went goed wents
21 ___ they ___a new car last week? Did/buy Do/buy Did/bought
22 ‘This camera is $2,000! It’s ____. expensive difficult young
23 ____ works in a hospital. An actor A nurse A model
24 I go to the swimming ___ on Sunday mornings. pool park room
25 I don’t like ___. reads read reading
26 Kate and Andrew__to the cinema last Saturday. didn’t went don’t go didn’t go
27 I had breakfast ___ ago. this morning three hours 7.30 a.m.
28 When ___ you last___tennis? did/play do/play did/played
29 ___ you like__coffe? Do/any Are/some Would/some
30 There isn’t ___ milk in the fridge. many much a
31 Have you got ___ brothers? some any the
32 The buildings in Venice are ___ the buildings in Hong Kong. older than more older than much older than
33 Vienna is  ____ city in Austria. the most beautiful the beautifullest More beautiful
34 This restaurant is very, very good. It’s ___ restaurant in London. the better the good the best
35 I __ a jumper and a jacket because it’s cold today. wear ‘s wearing ‘m wearing
36 ___ Jim ___ today? Do/work Is/working Does/works
37 Look, it’s very cloudy. It____. ‘s going to rain rainy raining
38 When __ Polly __ with her friend in Madrid? does/going to stay -/is going to stay is/going to stay
39 I’m going to Egypt___the pyramids. seeing to see going to see
40 ‘__did you buy your jacket?’ ‘At a shop in town’. When Why Where
41 ‘How much did you pay for your book?’ ‘____’. $8.50 Hewitt’s Bookshop To read some Shakespeare
42 ‘___ you ever ___ Mexican food? Have/eat Have/ate Have/eaten
43 Olivia ___ to Rome. has never been has ever been hasn’t never been
44 ‘I’ve met Robbie Williams.’ ‘When __?’ have you met did you met him did you meet him
45 Raquel and James have ___ had a baby. yet just ever
46 Has Nigel cooked dinner__? yet ever just
47 ___’s the weather like in Mexico City? How What Which
48 My grandmother started work ___ 1960. in by on
49 It’s  snowy - please drive ___. carefully easily careful
50 Let’s go for a ___swim. quick badly well

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